TS streams backup and recovery

MediaStream Stream Selector is professional multifunction software for receiving two DVB streams (main and redundant) and selecting the best one to pass further. In case of initially bit-by-bit identical input streams, smart technology uses both of them to recover missed packets and to give out recovered TS/T2MI-stream.

Software works under Microsoft Windows and low-power Intel Processors, preferably with hardware IP- or ASI- relay bypass interfaces (Silicom or Dektec-2145/2175).

StreamSelector Rectangle.218 single arrow.33 Output Stream DVB ASI, UDP/RTP/FEC, HTTP, SRT, MPTS/T2MI Лист.220 Лист.221 Лист.222 Output StreamDVB ASI, UDP/RTP/FEC, HTTP, SRT, MPTS/T2MI Лист.231 RF Inputs RF Inputs Rectangle.232 Stream Selector / TS Recovery Stream Selector / TS Recovery Лист.233 IP Outputs IP Outputs Лист.234 IP Inputs IP Inputs Лист.237 ASI Inputs ASI Inputs Лист.238 ASI Outputs ASI Outputs Лист.239 Programmable Relay Bypasses ProgrammableRelay Bypasses Однополюсный однопозиционный переключатель Лист.241 Лист.242 Однополюсный однопозиционный переключатель.23 Лист.244 Лист.245 Dynamic connector.3 Dynamic connector.4 Dynamic connector.7 Dynamic connector.18 Лист.255 Лист.256 Лист.257 Лист.258 Лист.259 Лист.260 Лист.261 Лист.262 Лист.263 Лист.264 Лист.280 Couple’s processing options Couple’s processing options Лист.281 Streams quality measurement Streams quality measurement Лист.284 Bitwise-identical streams recovery Bitwise-identical streams recovery Лист.285 Short-time delay Short-time delay single arrow.118 Heartbeat Лист.316 Лист.317 Лист.318 Heartbeat Лист.319 сеть 1.51 сеть 1.38 сеть 1 Лист.323 Лист.324 Лист.330 Лист.331 Лист.332 Лист.333 Лист.334 Лист.335 сеть 1.51 сеть 1.38 сеть 1 Лист.339 Лист.340 single arrow.235 Input Stream 1 DVB ASI, UDP/RTP/FEC, HTTP, SRT, MPTS/T2MI Лист.236 Лист.250 Лист.251 Input Stream 1DVB ASI, UDP/RTP/FEC, HTTP, SRT, MPTS/T2MI single arrow.1 Input Stream 2 DVB ASI, UDP/RTP/FEC, HTTP, SRT, MPTS/T2MI Лист.2 Лист.3 Лист.4 Input Stream 2DVB ASI, UDP/RTP/FEC, HTTP, SRT, MPTS/T2MI

Key features

  1. Dozens of couples of input streams are supported.
  2. Quality of streams is measured by basic criterions of TR 101 290.
  3. Input streams in each pair are allowed to be time-shifted relative to each other, optional input delay up to 10 seconds is applied.
  4. Bitwise-identical streams recovery allows perfectly restore original stream that is delivered in two different ways with possible losses in each one

Technical specification

  • physical inputs/outputs – DVB IP Multicast/Unicast UDP/RTP, SRT, DVB ASI, DVB S/S2/T/T2/C/C2 (input only).
  • input/output streams – DVB SPTS/MPTS/T2MI
  • control: automatic, manual external web- and SNMP-based
  • hardware relay bypasses with watch-dog timer supported: IP Silicom Ethernet interface, ASI Dektec DTA-2145, DTA-2175, Deltacast.
  • Active heartbeat stream UDP-IP/RS-232, reliability statistics: 99,999% uptime.
  • Configuring: manually, conf-files.
  • SNMP state control

Notes and requirements

To process DVB IP streams, Intel/Broadcom chipset-based NICs are strongly recommended, particularly Silicom NICs with hardware relay bypass and watch-dog timers for reliability reasons.

To process DVB ASI, the system requires DekTec or Deltacast PCIe hardware  (particularly DekTec DTA-2145/2175 are equipped with relay bypass and WD-timer).

To receive DVB-S/S2/T/T2/C/C2, system uses any Windows-compatible hardware interface.

Recommended OS: Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC with certain group-policy tuning.

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