TS Cast

MediaStream TS Cast  is professional software for TV content delivery (multicast UDP/RTP streams) across unpredictable networks, such as the Internet. The product is based on  open source transport technology - SRT protocol.

MediaStream TS Cast combines all the advantages of IP delivery (flexibility, simplicity, no restrictions on number of streams, bit rate, etc.), it is free from disadvantages of switched (L2) communication channels (the difficulty of connecting to Internet exchange point, the relatively high cost of connection and maintenance , loss of packages and the inability to restore them).

Key Features.

  • built-in error recovery mechanism minimizes packet loss with relay technology, as well as error correction (FEC);
  • maintaining synchronization of video and audio streams;
  • lack of binding to L2 communication channels, TV content delivery across unpredictable networks;
  • compensate for jitter and bandwidth fluctuations due to congestion over noisy networks, short-term interruptions in a communication channel (up to several seconds);
  • stream security through AES 128/256 bit encryption;
  • flows easily pass through firewalls.

Application options

Reservation of communication channels, Internet exchange points.

Reservation of satellite and/or terrestrial telecommunication channels. In combination with L2 channel, it allows minimizing packet loss for critical services - satellite communications station, studio. TSCast can be used to improve the quality and reliability of direct connections, provide temporary connections, on-line broadcasts, etc.

Improving the quality of service, content.

TSCast delivery technology does not have restrictions on the number of transmitted services / TV channels, as well as the bitrate of transmitted services/streams.

Expansion of content delivery methods, content distribution capabilities both domestically and abroad.

The solution complements content delivery technology such as satellite and IP broadcasting.

The solution of "last mile" problem.

Using the solution does not require connecting to Internet exchange points, providing L2 channels. To use the service, it is enough to have a stable Internet channel.

Build your own network of IP distribution / delivery of TV content

The solution allows you to organize your own network for delivering TV content, organize an internal network for delivering content to headends, studios, etc.

Main characteristics

  • parameters, characteristics of restored by TS Cast client UDP / RTP (+ FEC) multicast stream are identical to parameters of the source (incoming to the server) stream (IAT, jitter, MLR, ETR, bitrate, other parameters);
  • simplicity in setup and configuration. Software management is carried out through a convenient and functional WEB interface;
  • client-server architecture provides delivery of UDP / RTP (+ FEC) multicast SPTS, MPTS streams from server to client and vice versa in the Push and Listen modes. Unlimited number of clients can be connected to the server;
  • a packet buffer from 120 to 8000 milliseconds (on server or client side) allows you to adapt the service to real-time network conditions between two endpoints, compensate for long interruptions, as well as packet loss;
  • lack of restrictions on the number of processed streams. Server and client performance depends on the speed of IP channel, network interfaces;
  • TS Cast runs on Windows OS (from version Windows7);
  • automatic servers and streams backup is provided. In case of loss of communication with a server or stream, the client automatically switches to backup server, stream;
  • in case of  “drop” of IP channel, the client automatically reconnects.

How to start the service

Ukraine, Kyiv, 2/10 Yuriya Illenka street
tel. +38 (050) 330-01-96, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.