AudioDubber for HD/4K/8K live sport events

Is professional software that performs audio dubbing of live sport events carried in DVB-streams without any transcoding of video streams. Solutions based on AudioDubber are cost-effective due to unique technology of “inplace multiplexing” and strict clocks alignment/coherency, thus let to avoid extra video re-encoding through SDI/NDI.

Software works under Microsoft Windows on x86/x64 processors.

AudioDubber 60 градусов, односторонняя.4 Rectangle.177 Rectangle.191 MediaStream Voice-over Dubbing Server MediaStream Voice-over Dubbing Server Лист.192 IP Outputs IP Outputs Лист.193 IP Inputs IP Inputs Лист.198 Programmable Relay Bypasses ProgrammableRelay Bypasses Однополюсный однопозиционный переключатель.199 Лист.200 Лист.201 Dynamic connector.205 Dynamic connector.208 стрелка трипл 2.245 Поворотная односторонняя.1 Лист.247 Лист.248 Лист.249 Поворотная односторонняя.5 Лист.251 Лист.252 Лист.253 Поворотная односторонняя Input Streams: MPTS/SPTS, UDP/RTP/FEC Лист.255 Лист.256 Лист.257 Input Streams:MPTS/SPTS,UDP/RTP/FEC Лист.278 сеть 1.51 сеть 1.38 сеть 1 Лист.282 Лист.283 Лист.294 сеть 1.51 сеть 1.38 сеть 1 Лист.298 Лист.299 Лист.190 Delay other streams (milliseconds) Delay other streams (milliseconds) стрелка трипл 2.178 Поворотная односторонняя.1 Лист.180 Лист.181 Лист.195 Поворотная односторонняя.5 Лист.197 Лист.202 Лист.203 Поворотная односторонняя Output Stream UDP/RTP/SRT TS Лист.206 Лист.207 Лист.209 Output StreamUDP/RTP/SRT TS Лист.194 Blind in-place mux Blind in-place mux Лист.212 Demux Demux Лист.213 extract audio extract audio Лист.216 Audio playout Audio playout Лист.217 Audio Encoder Audio Encoder Пользователь.221 Лист.222 Лист.223 Лист.227 Лист.228 Лист.229 Лист.230 Лист.231 Лист.232 Лист.233 Лист.234 Лист.235 Лист.236 Лист.237 Лист.238 Лист.239 Лист.240 Лист.241 Лист.242 Лист.243 Лист.244 Лист.270 Лист.271 Лист.272 Лист.273 single arrow.215 Лист.302 Лист.303 Лист.304 Лист.225 Dedicated SPTS demux & delay coordination Dedicated SPTS demux & delay coordination Лист.306 Preview UDP SPTS on STB or monitor for sportscaster Preview UDP SPTS on STBor monitor for sportscaster Лист.308 Rectangle.224 Поле.226 Rectangle.274 Mixer console Mixer console Поле.275 Поле.276 Поле.277 Поле.284 Поле.285 Поле.286 Поле.287 Поле.288 Поле.289 Поле.290 Поле.291 Поле.292 Поле.293 Поле.300 Поле.301 Лист.309 Audio stream Audio stream Лист.310 Audio stream Audio stream 60 градусов, односторонняя.312 Лист.211 Microphone line Microphone line 60 градусов, односторонняя.1 Колено 2.58 Колено 2.7 Колено 1.61 Колено 1.3 single arrow.2 Лист.8 Лист.9 Лист.10 Лист.214 Audio Decoder Audio Decoder single arrow.11 Лист.12 Лист.13 Лист.14 Лист.218 Audio capture Audio capture

Key features

  1. Low resources consumption, dozens of streams may be dubbed on one server,
  2. Only selected audio PID is processed (typically intersound), all other PIDs (including video) are blindly passed through,
  3. Advanced algorithm keeps strict coherency between input stream and mixer console clocks thus avoiding out of sync audio/video.
  4. Communication with input/output audio ports is made through Windows driver model. Thus analog, DANTE and other audio mixer consoles can be used.
  5. Dubbed audio track is encoded with same parameters as source has (format, bitrate, etc). It may be multiplexed “inplace” into the same source PID, or it may be multiplexed as newly added PID (in this case PMT is modified).

Technical specification

  • physical input/output – DVB IP Multicast/Unicast UDP/RTP, SRT, DVB ASI, DVB S/S2/T/T2/C/C2 (input only).
  • input/output streams – descrambled DVB SPTS/MPTS, audio MPEG-1 (ISO 11172-3, Layer I and II), AAC audio (LC, HE-AAC v1, HE-AAC v2 according to ISO/IEC 13818-7, ISO/IEC 14496-3).
  • configuration & control: user-friendly web-interface, SNMP.
  • system is capable to be externally-controlled by 3rd-party software by DCOM/RPC protocols (Visual Basic, Python, MS C++, С# etc).
  • physical IP bypass: Silicom Ethernet interface supported
  • all output streams are conformant to TR 101 290.
  • all programs and stream that aren’t to be processed in input MPTS-stream are blindly bypassed to output without any intrusion
  • processing delay is fixed, can be adjusted by user, typically in range 500…900 ms.
  • Reliability statistics: 99,999% uptime.
  • software is built as part of New-gen MediaStream Framework

Notes and requirements

To process DVB IP streams Intel/Broadcom NICs are strongly recommended, particularly Silicom NICs with hardware relay bypass and watch-dog timers for reliability reasons.

Recommended OS: Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC with certain group-policy tuning.

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