Streams Delay

MediaStream Delay Server - is professional software to delay for long time input DVB-streams with high precision and optional decoding to SDI.

 Software works under Microsoft Windows and Intel Processors of last generations. In real time “MediaStream Delay Server” captures input DVB-stream and stores required programs on local storage. At the expiration of the delay period all delayed streams are played out as original DVB- or decoded SDI-streams.

DelayServer Rectangle.204 Rectangle.206 Delay Server Delay Server single arrow.45 Output Streams: DVB ASI, SPTS, HTTP, UDP/RTP/FEC Лист.218 Лист.219 Лист.220 Output Streams:DVB ASI, SPTS, HTTP, UDP/RTP/FEC Поворотная односторонняя.109 Лист.226 Лист.227 Лист.228 Поворотная односторонняя.332 Лист.230 Лист.231 Лист.232 Внешняя сущность 1 LONG-TIME EXACT DELAY LONG-TIME EXACT DELAY стрелка трипл 2 Поворотная односторонняя.1 Лист.248 Лист.249 Лист.250 Поворотная односторонняя.5 Лист.252 Лист.253 Лист.254 Поворотная односторонняя Input Streams: DVB ASI, SDI UDP/RTP/FEC, HTTP, MPTS Лист.256 Лист.257 Лист.258 Input Streams:DVB ASI, SDIUDP/RTP/FEC, HTTP, MPTS Лист.278 RF Inputs RF Inputs Лист.279 IP Inputs IP Inputs Лист.280 SDI Inputs SDI Inputs Лист.281 ASI Inputs ASI Inputs Лист.282 Лист.283 Лист.284 Лист.285 Лист.286 Лист.287 Лист.288 Лист.289 Лист.290 Лист.291 Лист.292 Лист.293 Лист.294 Лист.295 Лист.296 Лист.297 Лист.298 Лист.299 Лист.300 Лист.301 Лист.302 Лист.303 Лист.304 Лист.305 Лист.306 Лист.307 Лист.308 Лист.309 Лист.310 Лист.311 Лист.312 сеть 1.30 Лист.314 сеть 1.34 Лист.316 сеть 1.15 Лист.318 Лист.319 Лист.199 Лист.200 Лист.201 Лист.202 Лист.203 Лист.204 Лист.205 Лист.206 Лист.207 Лист.208 Лист.209 сеть 1.30 Лист.211 сеть 1.34 Лист.213 сеть 1.15 Лист.215 Лист.216 Лист.197 IP Outputs IP Outputs Лист.198 ASI Outputs ASI Outputs single arrow.162 SDI Decoded output Лист.163 Лист.164 Лист.168 SDI Decoded output single arrow.51 Detected SCTE35/DTMF GPO control Лист.178 Лист.179 Лист.180 DetectedSCTE35/DTMFGPO control Лист.141 Внешняя сущность 1.321 Post-delay options Post-delay options Внешняя сущность 1.322 Timebase correction Timebase correction Внешняя сущность 1.323 Decoding, up/down scale Decoding, up/down scale Лист.1 Внешняя сущность 1.234 Preprocessing options Preprocessing options Внешняя сущность 1.235 Stream recovery Stream recovery Внешняя сущность 1.236 Demux, descrambling, PID filtering Demux, descrambling, PID filtering Внешняя сущность 1.237 SCTE104/SCTE35/DTMF/image detect SCTE104/SCTE35/DTMF/image detect

Key features

  1. Delay period is limited only by volume of  local storage, can be in range from some frames till some days.
  2. Output clock is driven and synchronized by input stream when it’s possible by hardware capabilities. That gives ability to avoid PCR frustration on output or decoded frame gaps and losses within long-time delays over some hours.
  3. In cases when output and input cannot be synchronized, precision of playout is not worse than 6 frames per hour of delay.
  4. Fully automated software.

Technical specification

  • Physical inputs: DVB-IP Multicast/Unicast UDP/RTP with FEC, DVB-ASI/S/S2/T/T2/C/C2, HTTP, HLS. Scrambled streams are supported.
  • Outputs:
    • DVB-IP Multicast/Unicast UDP/RTP with FEC, DVB-ASI, HTTP, HLS.
    • SDI through output Dektec or Blackmgic or StreamLabs hardware interface (descrambled stream on input required), decoded from MPEG-2 (ISO 13818-2) or H.264 (ISO/IEC 14496-10) with audio MPEG-1 (ISO 11172-3, Layer I, II, III) or AAC (LC, HE-AAC v1, HE-AAC v2 according to ISO/IEC 13818-7, ISO/IEC 14496-3).
  • Correct behavior in emergency states such as power loss or signal loss, playout is guaranteed to be continued from correct point after fail is over;
  • Recognition of DTMF-sequences and SCTE-35 messages in input streams and delayed synchronous notification of external consumers by GPO or RS-232 or custom UDP or as SCTE104-over-IP client or as SNMP trap.
  • Continuous stream quality measurement of all output streams and notification of external consumers in heartbeat mode.
  • Other features
    • all output streams are conformant to TR 101 290.
    • all known DVB-tables are bypassed or fully regenerated.
    • stuffing, pid/pgm filtering, remux with PCR correction, PID remapping, table regeneration.
    • Active heartbeat stream UDP-IP/RS-232, reliability statistics: 99,999% uptime.
    • Input stream BISS-descrambling.
    • SNMP state control
    • Configuring: manually, conf-files.

Notes and requirements

To process DVB IP streams Intel chipset-based NICs are strongly recommended, particularly Silicom NICs with hardware relay bypass and watch-dog timers for reliability reasons.

To process DVB ASI system requires DekTec or StreamLabs PCIex hardware  (particularly DekTec DTA-2145 and StreamLabs MSP2 are equipped with relay bypass and WD-timer).

To receive DVB-S/S2/T/T2/C/C2, system uses any Windows-compatible hardware interface (BDA), NetUp PCIex professional interafces with CI-slots are recommended.

To playout SDI, system uses Blackmagic Decklink or StreamLabs or Dektec or ATS devices.

Approximate resources consumption: in complicated scenarios, one simple server based on Xeon E3/Core i5 is capable to delay of 4-5 typical MPTSes of 70 MBit each and decode dozens of SD-services.


One license allows processing of one service/program if another not pointed. One year SLA included. Licenses for redundant processing of same service are discounted by 50%


Ukraine, Kyiv, 2/10 Yuriya Illenka street
tel. +38 (050) 330-01-96, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.