New-gen MediaStream Framework with modules

Is professional software used to implement very custom and specific user tasks in digital video processing and broadcast in conjunction with high reliability along with simplicity and convenience of tracts visual building.

Software works under Microsoft Windows on x86/x64 processors.

Following figure illustrates simple case of visually built and set up tract in 2 minutes:

Key features

  1. Using existing processing modules, user can visually build signal processing tract for his needs using the mouse in web-interface.
  2. Using framework’s open API and samples, any development department can build new additional modules. Framework structure is based on C++, automation and COM/DCOM, that allows developers to create new high-performance modules quick and easy, without wasting time on visual representation: published properties and verbs become automatically accessible to end user in web-interface.
  3. All processes of building and using are fully programmable by external scripts and languages like VBS, C#, python, etc.
  4. One program is taken and decoded from incoming MPTS over IP.
  5. Then it is resized into two resolutions (HD and SD in this sample).
  6. SD signal is delayed for 5 seconds.
  7. Then both signals are transmitted through RTMP.
  8. SD signal also sent as SDI output.

List of modules (as of march 2022) accessible as visual components:

  • DVB-IP UDP/RTP w/ FEC input/output
  • SRT input/output
  • Demultiplexor
  • Video Decoder/Encoder MPEG2/H264, software and hardware@Intel QuickSync
  • Audio Decoder/Encoder MPEG1/AAC
  • Short-time delay
  • Blackmagic SDI input/output
  • File writer: uncompressed and ES video/audio, TS.
  • Transport stream quality meter
  • Transport stream backup switcher with recovery option, see TS streams backup and recovery
  • Video smart deinterlacer
  • Video resizer
  • Smart ad recognizers: DTMF-detector, SCTE-35 detector, arbitrary image, sound and logo appearance detector.
  • Audio resampler

List of visual modules planned in nearest roadmap:

  • Multiplexor in self-mux and inplace-mux and pcr-correction modes
  • Deltacast SDI input/output
  • Dekteck SDI input/output
  • Uncompressed and ES signals mixer along with ad insertion modules
  • Long-time delay with on-storage circle buffer
  • Titling and crawl overlay module
  • multi-profile HLS/Dash output engine


Demonstration video is here

As mentioned above, all user actions may be automated, all tract build and control steps can be expressed in many well-known script languages.


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