Transport Gateway

Is professional software used as gateway between different IP-based protocols: multicast, SRT, HTTP, RTMP, with demultiplexer (MPTS to SPTSes) option.

Software works under Microsoft Windows on low-power x86/x64 processors, operates as a service/daemon, and is 24/7/365/N oriented.

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Key features

  1. low-cost and simple to use software with friendly user interface
  2. highly optimized to process dozens and hundreds of streams

Technical specification

  • physical input/output – DVB IP Multicast/Unicast UDP/RTP, SRT, HTTP, RTMP.
  • control: web-interface, SNMP-trapping
  • number of processed streams depends only on underlying hardware, Intel/Broadcom/Mellanox NICs are strongly recommended.
  • software is built as part of New-gen MediaStream Framework


Ukraine, Kyiv, 2/10 Yuriya Illenka street
tel. +38 (050) 330-01-96, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.