Live Encoder/Transcoder

MediaStream Live Encoder is professional software to encode and transcode live input SDI- and DVB- streams into multi-output multi-profile DVB- and HLS-streams (HLS-origin).

Software works under Microsoft Windows on x86/x64 processors, operates as a service/daemon, and is 24/7/365/N oriented. Hardware-accelerated encoding/decoding on Intel-GPU is supported and required for advanced features.

LiveEncoder Rectangle.231 single arrow.81 Лист.233 Лист.234 Лист.235 single arrow.236 Лист.237 Лист.238 Лист.239 Лист.240 RF Inputs RF Inputs Rectangle.241 Live Encoder/Transcoder Live Encoder/Transcoder Лист.242 IP Outputs IP Outputs Лист.243 IP Inputs IP Inputs Лист.244 SDI Inputs SDI Inputs Лист.246 ASI Inputs ASI Inputs Лист.247 ASI Outputs ASI Outputs Лист.259 Лист.260 Лист.261 Лист.262 Лист.263 Лист.264 Лист.265 Лист.266 Лист.267 Лист.268 Лист.269 Лист.270 Лист.271 Лист.272 Лист.273 Лист.274 Media assets Media assets Лист.275 Local insertion schedules Local insertion schedules Лист.276 Overlay schedules Overlay schedules Лист.283 Mixering Mixering Лист.284 Live insertions Live insertions Лист.285 Banners overlay Banners overlay Лист.286 Animated Logos Animated Logos Лист.287 Scrolling tickets Scrolling tickets Лист.288 Ad insertions Ad insertions Лист.289 Preprocessing options Preprocessing options Лист.290 Stream recovery Stream recovery Лист.291 Short-time delay Short-time delay Лист.292 Up/down scale Up/down scale Лист.293 SCTE104/SCTE35/DTMF/image detect SCTE104/SCTE35/DTMF/image detect Лист.294 Demux, descrambling, decoding Demux, descrambling, decoding стрелка трипл 2.295 Поворотная односторонняя.1 Лист.297 Лист.298 Лист.299 Поворотная односторонняя.5 Лист.301 Лист.302 Лист.303 Поворотная односторонняя Input Streams: DVB ASI, SDI, MPTS, SRT, HTTP, UDP/RTP/FEC Лист.305 Лист.306 Лист.307 Input Streams:DVB ASI, SDI,MPTS, SRT, HTTP,UDP/RTP/FEC single arrow.85 Лист.309 Лист.310 Лист.311 single arrow.89 Лист.313 Лист.314 Лист.315 single arrow.106 Лист.317 Лист.318 Лист.319 single arrow.110 Control: HTTP, FTP, Samba, SNMP Лист.321 Лист.322 Лист.323 Control: HTTP, FTP, Samba, SNMP single arrow.118 Heartbeat Лист.325 Лист.326 Лист.327 Heartbeat Лист.328 сеть 1.51 сеть 1.38 сеть 1 Лист.332 Лист.333 Лист.339 Лист.340 Лист.341 Лист.342 Лист.343 Лист.344 сеть 1.51 сеть 1.38 сеть 1 Лист.348 Лист.349 single arrow.33 Output Streams: DVB ASI, SDI, MPTS, HLS, UDP/RTP/FEC, HTTP, SRT Лист.252 Лист.253 Лист.254 Output Streams:DVB ASI, SDI,MPTS, HLS,UDP/RTP/FEC, HTTP, SRT Лист.255 Лист.277 Postprocessing options Postprocessing options Лист.278 Timebase correction Timebase correction Лист.279 DVB-tables (re)gen DVB-tables (re)gen Лист.280 Transcoding, remux Transcoding, remux Лист.281 Loudness control Loudness control Лист.282 Up/down scale Up/down scale

Key features

  1. Support of SCTE-104 in SDI, SCTE-104 over IP/GPI/SNMP and SCTE-35 in DVB-input
  2. SD- and HD-input, up- and down-scale, de-interlacing, short-time delay.
  3. Output DVB- and HLS-streams are suitable for seamless splicing, including VBV/HRD/TSTD-buffers preparation at splicing areas; SCTE-35 messages are embedded in output streams.
  4. Automatic scheduled and externally-controlled regionalization (ad insertion, blackouts, animated banners, scrolling tickers, etc) by SCTE104-SDI/OverIP/OverSNMP/OverGPI or by DTMF-tones.

Technical specification

  1. Inputs:

    • SD/HD/3G-SDI from Deltacast, Blackmagic, Dektec.
    • MPEG2/H264 and MPEG1 audio/AAC from DVB-IP Multicast/Unicast UDP/RTP with FEC, DVB-ASI/S/S2/T/T2/C/C2, HTTP, SRT.

  2. Output, multi-profile: DVB-IP Multicast/Unicast UDP/RTP with FEC, DVB-ASI, HTTP, SRT, HLS (origin).

  3. Compression formats:
    • video MPEG-2 (ISO 13818-2)
    • video H.264 (ISO/IEC 14496-10) 4:2:0, partially 4:2:2
    • audio MPEG-1 (ISO 11172-3, Layer I, II, III)
    • audio AAC:
      • AAC LC
      • HE-AAC v1
      • HE-AAC v2 according to ISO/IEC 13818-7, ISO/IEC 14496-3
    • teletext SMPTE-2031 and OP-47
  4. All regionalization features: see features of MediaStream ­Regionalization and insertion.

  5. Other features:
    • SCTE-104 in SDI, SCTE104-over-IP, SCTE104-over-SNMP, SCTE104-over-GPI.
    • very small prerolls in SCTE-104 (less than 4 sec: near-zero or even negative) are supported.
    • advanced VBV/HRD/TSTD-management, splice-compatibility (in DVB) and stitch-compatibility (in HLS) of output stream.
    • all output streams are conformant to TR 101 290.
    • input stream BISS-descrambling.
    • video signal upscale and downscale.
    • constant configurable end-to-end delay.
    • resilience to input signal instabilities/noise/disappearing-appearing.
    • active heartbeat stream UDP-IP/RS-232, reliability statistics: 99,999% uptime.
    • SNMP state control
    • configuring: manually, conf-files.

Notes and requirements

To capture SDI, a Deltacast, Dektec or Blackmagic interface is required.

To output DVB-IP streams, Intel/Broadcom NICs are strongly recommended.

Except for the simplest cases, video encoding requires an Intel QuickSync, CPU-based or discrete.

Recommended OS: Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC with certain group-policy tuning.

Approximate resources consumption: in complicated scenarios, server with one GPU is capable to (re)encode up to 4 full-HD services and up to 12 SD-services into h264, and dozens of SD-channels into MPEG-2. Scalability achieved by discrete QuickSync-cards.

Ukraine, Kyiv, 2/10 Yuriya Illenka street
tel. +38 (050) 330-01-96, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.